Monday, March 6, 2017

Guest Post: How to Buy Used Luxury Watches Online

The internet and the technology that goes with it have lead to the developments in online shopping as we know it today. We can buy almost anything online, and that of course include used luxury watches. The sale of used luxury watches is big business and the competition among dealers is fierce.

So how does one choose a dealer if one wants to purchase a vintage or antique timepiece online?

You will find many websites claiming specialty in selling used luxury watches. Some specialisations are more general, while others are more specific, such as those specialising in only a particular brand, for example. There are others that satisfy what we would call a niche market. These include vintage watch dealers or antique watch specialists. Even though this is somewhat of a niche market there are a number of sellers trading on and off-line and the numbers increase everyday. So how does one choose a dealer if one wants to purchase a vintage or antique timepiece online?

Some people are sceptical about buying online because they are of the opinion that it is easier to verify the credibility of an on-site seller than that of an online one. This is not necessarily the case; the credibility of a business or a dealer is just as important whether they operate on or off-line. The serious online watch dealer is keen on delivering quality timepieces and excellent customer service, because they know that their viability will depend on this. As such you will find a number of reputable and honest vintage watch dealers online. However, not all will deliver the same quality standard or provide you with a memorable shopping experience. Here are some things to consider and look for when buying vintage used luxury watches online:

1. The refund policy outlined - are the terms reasonable? If a dealer does not accept returns, this is not the company you should want to do business with. Usually a dealer that is willing to accept a no quibble refund is one that is probably very confident in the quality product that they sell.

2. Have customers constantly complained? Look at the level of complaints, are you seeing many complaints about this business or many negative reviews? The reality is that no business will be able to please customers all of the time, but they should be able to satisfy a large majority of their customers more often not.

3. Ask questions about the used luxury watches, see how quick or how accurate the response is.

4. Can you readily identify the owners or managers of the business? You should be able to do this - look at the 'about us' page - the information should be there. The vintage watch dealer should be readily identifiable.

5. It also helps if the dealer, even though operating online, has an on-site base or office attached to a legitimate address.

6. Where payment is made online with the use of a credit card, especially when paying on the dealer's website, always look for 'https' at the beginning of the address, in the address bar, on the payment page. If this is not present, it would be advisable not to go through with the purchase. PayPal is however always a good option, whether you are connecting from the seller's website or not.

7. Is the dealer experienced? Especially where it concerns vintage used luxury watches you want to buy from someone who has experience and knows about used luxury watches.

Taking the above into consideration should help you in making a good vintage watch purchase - whether for purpose of a gift, for your own pleasure or as an investment. Happy shopping.

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